Terms and conditions



Infra the terms and conditions that apply to your booking.
All guests should know that when they book with Rent4All they are binding themselves to everything included in this Terms and Conditions document, so please read carefully and check for updates with each booking.


In addition to these general terms and conditions, there are specific policies relating to each individual apartment and its specific situation. They are described on the profile page of each apartment.


After reserving an apartment, the guest will receive an email and/or SMS message from Rent4All confirming the reservation and explaining the details of the apartment inside a reservation voucher. The guest will be asked to complete a pre-check-in form which is highly important to help us provide better service.

The pre-check-in form will ask for your arrival time and the total number of people staying in the apartment, so that we can provide you with the right amount of bed linen and bath towels (one for each guest). The pre-check-in form will also indicate service and key collection by our team at the apartment.

Rent4All cannot assume any responsibility if the guest does not complete the pre-check-in form.
All information provided by Rent4All in the pre-check-in form (date of check-in and check-out, price transfer) is saved in our database. Any attempt to change it and violate the original information will invalidate the Pre-Check-in form and will be subject to the cancellation of the reservation.


Unless otherwise agreed, check-in will be after 15:00.

All contacts will be provided after booking confirmation. We cannot assume any responsibility if the guest does not contact us in advance.

Payments due:

All outstanding payments due must be paid to the Rent4All team in cash (Euros) prior to arrival. The Rent4All employee has the right to cancel the reservation if the guest refuses to pay the amount due at check-in.

Late entry:

Any check-in after 19:00 is subject to the payment of a fixed late check-in fee (between €25 and €40), to be paid in cash to our team.


All guests will be informed through the voucher sent by Rent4All after booking that check-in takes place at the address of the apartment.
Guests must go to the apartment address to collect the apartment keys and register and make any payment due. The guest must present the identity cards / passports of all people who are going to stay in the apartment.


Upon guest check-in, Rent4All will only provide a set of keys. Guests must be careful not to lose them or leave them inside the apartment. Additional fees will apply for lost or damaged keys. Fees are charged as follows:
Lost Keys (price per key) – €30
Emergency team visit (between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm) – €10
Emergency team visit (between 7:00 pm and 9:00 am) – €25
Hiring a locksmith service – The guest will be responsible for the total fee charged by the service provider. Service provider fee is based on complexity, materials, time taken and other variables.
Please be advised that it may take up to 45 minutes for our team to arrive to assess the situation and take action.

Guests must return all keys upon departure.


All appliances and amenities in the apartment are described on the apartment page. Rent4All cannot supply any items that are not listed (eg air conditioning, heaters, TV sets).


Any and all problems inside the apartment (for example, electrical problems, equipment malfunction, water failure) must be reported to our Customer Service by email or telephone immediately. Depending on the issue, resolution can take up to 72 hours, or even longer if you rely on third-party services.

While respecting the reasonable privacy of guests, Rent4All reserves the right to access the property at any time, if necessary, for inspections, repairs and emergencies.

Extra beds and cribs can be requested in advance, but are limited to availability at that time and subject to payment of an extra cost.


appliances and devices
If a device does not work, or guests are unsure how to use any device in the home, guests should contact the Rent4All team.

The apartment will be cleaned before guests arrive.

The basic Rent4All service includes a set of towels, bed linen and hand soap for each booking. Additional cleaning services and products, including a change of sheets and towels, are available upon request for an additional fee.

Guests are not required to clean the apartment upon check-out. Rent4All requires guests to leave the apartment clean and tidy and take out the trash so that we can better receive the next guest promptly. Please do not leave rubbish outside the apartment door or outside the building door. Use the street bins and containers provided for this purpose.

As a general rule, pets (of any breed, size or age) are not allowed in Rent4All apartments. If any pets are found in an apartment, Rent4All reserves the right to require guests to leave the apartment without any compensation or refund of fees paid. Some apartments allow the presence of pets, subject to confirmation and approval, with an extra payment (they are listed on the profile page of each apartment)

smoking policy
All Rent4All properties are completely non-smoking. There may be specific areas for smoking, always marked or informed at check-in, namely outdoor spaces, balconies, patios, terraces and garden areas.

Do not make any changes or additions to the accommodation or its contents.

Items in the apartment
All items that are found in the apartment belong to the owner and must not be moved or removed from the property even during the stay.

Hours of silence and disturbances
Between 22:00 and 9:00 keep all noise to a minimum. Please do not disturb neighbors when opening or closing the apartment door or building door.
We do not accept reservations for illegal or immoral activities.
The guest whose name appears on the booking confirmation email will be responsible for the behavior of the entire group and agrees to avoid any illegal activity.
Invading the owner's privacy or publishing or disclosing anything that would allow a third party to identify the address of the property or the identity of the owner (even if that information is already in the public domain) is prohibited.

Guests are responsible for their own safety during their stay at Rent4All accommodation. Guests must listen to any instructions or explanations provided by the Rent4All check-in team when shown to the accommodation.
If a guest becomes aware of anything during their stay that is believed to be a health and safety risk, the guest must report it to the Rent4All team immediately.

When leaving the apartment, guests must be sure to leave gas appliances turned off, windows closed, air conditioning, central heating and lights off.


Check-out is by 11:00 am, and all guests must leave the apartment by the projected check-out time. The guest must inform Rent4All of the desired check-out time so that a Rent4All employee can be present at check-out.

If a Rent4All employee cannot be present at check-out time, the guest can leave the keys at the main desk and close the door. Guest MUST NOT leave keys in door lock.
Guests who do not depart before 11:00 am will be subject to an additional full-day accommodation fee.

If the guest refuses to leave, Rent4All reserves the right to enter the accommodation, remove the belongings, change the locks and also take the necessary measures. (The guest will pay for the costs of any action.)

Items left in the apartment
Rent4All is not responsible for any item left inside the apartment after the guest leaves. All belongings found in the apartment can be returned upon request. The guest is fully responsible for all charges related to the process of retrieving their belongings.


Guests must indicate the exact number of guests on the pre-check-in form. No more guests that are not specified in the reservation can stay in the accommodation. The number of people who can use the apartment must not exceed the amount indicated on the apartment page. If the number of guests exceeds the limit, Rent4All reserves the right to require guests to leave the apartment without any compensation or refund of fees paid.


Guests agree to pay the cost of any damage to the accommodation or its contents. The guest authorizes Rent4All to charge these fees to the credit or debit card provided when making a reservation.


The Rent4All service is legally limited to the apartments and the relationship with guests during their stay. Rent4All will not be responsible for any occurrences outside the limits of the apartment, such as (but not limited to): cleaning and maintenance of the building, external noise, construction, neighbors or any other issue that is not directly related to the apartment itself.

The photos and descriptions of the apartments are produced by Rent4All and have been reviewed by the owners. Minor changes to the apartment may occur compared to the photos on the website, without compromising the overall condition and amenities. Rent4All will not compensate guests, refund fees, or move guests to other apartments based on the taste or similarity of the apartment. It is the responsibility of our guests to ensure, prior to booking, that the area or neighborhood they choose to stay is to their liking.

Rent4All will not be responsible for any damage, caused directly or indirectly, that may occur during the stay of guests in the apartment, such as (but not limited to): injury to person or property, theft or criminal behavior, losses due to fire or bad conduct, etc. The same applies to any deficiencies in the supply of gas, electricity, water, telephone or internet. Rent4All is not responsible for possible delays, accidents, loss or schedule change or fees that are related to our provider's services.

Rent4All and its employees are not responsible for errors and omissions, misrepresentation by third parties, disputes between a guest and a third party, or the content of external links other than the one on which the booking took place. In the event that guests fail to comply with these terms and conditions, or in case of bad behavior by guests, Rent4All reserves the right to require guests to leave the apartment without any compensation or refund of fees paid.


This agreement is between the guest and Rent4All, the company duly authorized to rent the accommodation. This agreement is a license to occupy the accommodation for the agreed period. Guests are not tenants of the accommodation and have not been given sole ownership of the accommodation. Guests are renting the accommodation under an occupancy license.

In the rare case that a booked apartment is not available, due to damage caused by a water leak for example, or for any circumstances beyond our control, Rent4All will not be responsible for the inconvenience caused, however, we will take measures necessary to transfer the guest to an apartment with similar characteristics.
If the guest does not accept the relocation, the full amount (excluding costs related to the days the guest used the apartment, if applicable) will be refunded, but neither the owner nor Rent4All will be liable to the guest for any another amount in relation to the cancellation of the reservation.

Rent4All will not be responsible for the possible theft of objects left in the apartment.


Guests must notify Rent4All of any damage to the accommodation, contents, accessories, that occur during the stay, even if the guest considers that the damage is regular and even if the guest does not believe that the damage is his fault. If the guest fails to notify Rent4All of such damage, the guest will be liable for such damage up to the cost of a complete replacement.
Any deduction for property damage will be charged to the credit or debit card provided by the guest. The guest authorizes Rent4All to charge these fees to the credit or debit card provided when making a reservation.


Rent4All reserves the right to update its terms and conditions at any time as necessary. It is the responsibility of the parties to use the Rent4All website to check these terms and conditions in case of a change before making a booking.
By agreeing to use the Rent4All website, it is understood that the guest accepts any changes and that all parties will comply with these changes.
These terms and conditions do not affect the legal rights of the consumer.


As Rent4All is based in Portugal, these conditions are subject to Portuguese law.
The Portuguese courts have exclusive jurisdiction in case of legal action relating to any accommodation reservation with Rent4All.