Short Renting

RENT4ALL Gestão e Administração de Arrendamentos, Lda.

Rent4All has come up as a way of reinventing both the Real Estate business and hotel industry. It aims to satisfy and promote the tourism demand in “Figueira da Foz” by combining it with Real Estate.

Rent4All is a company specialized in providing temporary accommodation in houses with the help of a professional team who is determined to offer both personalized and high quality services to all our clients (both tourists and real estate owners).

How does it work

Association with local tourist activities.

– Through the Rent4All service, the host will have access to the agglutinated and pre-selected local offer;

– Access to a package of accommodation and services with the guarantee of the best price-quality ratio;

– Information and easy access to the tourist resources and services of the city and the region;

– Access to promotions via new technologies allowing to increase average stays and number of visits to those who enjoy visiting the destination;

– Guarantee of buying a service to an entity regulated by good practices and social and environmental awareness.


– Access to a professional team specializing in real estate and tourism management

– Professional photos and detailed inventory and descriptions of your property;

– Reliable maintenance team that keeps customers happy all the time

– Cleaning and Laundry Service

– A fully trained and multi lingual team available 24/7

– Management of the entire documentary, legal and fiscal component

– Management of the entire process of registration of entrance, departure and stay of the guests

– Management of the whole procedure of cleaning, maintenance and conservation of the property

– Integration of the property in global actions of marketing, communication and commercialization

– Integration of the property in partnerships with activities of local tourist animation

– Calculation of Rent4All income in line with owners’ interests

Work and invest with the best market players!

– We advertise your property on multiple national and international specialty websites

– Book your hotel online

– Website and application in mobile version for mobile phone and smartphone

– Direct link and presence of real estate in the main social networks

– FREE Google & Facebook Ads

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